Killing Me Softly …


Altruism’s Big Hidden Secret Before I begin going too fast and too far I want to share a little bit of my bias in the interest of full disclosure …     I’m a big fan of the American myrmecologist (someone who studies ants) Edward O. Wilson.  Wilson also conceptualized the field of sociobiology, or the […]

Foolish Wisdom … Making The World Go ‘Round …

    “Foolish wisdom is about dealing with the world in ways you have not before …”   Challenge is … Most folks can’t get out of their own way What I mean by “most folks can’t get out of their own way” is that they lead with their limitations. Of course, they don’t mean […]

Your Life Story – Coming Full Circle

Your Life Story and Self-Leadership … Uncovering the Path to the Results and Outcomes You Really Want I’ve been at something for the last twenty five years or so that I think is wonderful … a model that’s literally life changing. For twenty of those twenty five years I’ve been engaged in spreading the word […]

How Modern Business Models Developed

It Isn’t Always Obvious How Modern Business Models Limit Entrepreneurship … Or What To Do About It … But There’s A Postmodern Eject Option That Will Set You Free   [This particular post is dedicated to the real and aspiring entrepreneurs out there, especially my brethren who are the creators, compilers and consorts of information […]

Life Is Not Meant To Be A Struggle …

  How great would it be if you could leap beyond the things that limiit you in a single bound … like SuperMan or WonderWoman … just by engaging in a powerful dialogue designed to do just that?   Imagine this …   You are perfectly aligned internally and externally so that everything becomes effortless for […]