Freedom is just another word …

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow - MorgueFile-IMG_3130

  … and Freeing Your Mind is where to start!   When I think about “freedom” I think about something that goes beyond place and time. For instance most folks think of freedom as: The ability to do what they want, when they want, where they want, whenever they want … or something like that from […]

Killing Me Softly …


Altruism’s Big Hidden Secret Before I begin going too fast and too far I want to share a little bit of my bias in the interest of full disclosure …     I’m a big fan of the American myrmecologist (someone who studies ants) Edward O. Wilson.  Wilson also conceptualized the field of sociobiology, or the […]

The Nature of Change

“Happiness is never really so welcome as changelessness.” -Graham Greene   I often get asked something like, “Why bother?” … because it’s unclear to most folks exactly what it is that I do.   It’s usually a sign of some confusion that I get asked such a thing, because the connection between the work I […]

Foolish Wisdom … Making The World Go ‘Round …

    “Foolish wisdom is about dealing with the world in ways you have not before …”   Challenge is … Most folks can’t get out of their own way What I mean by “most folks can’t get out of their own way” is that they lead with their limitations. Of course, they don’t mean […]

Mirror, Mirror …

We always see what we want to see, from inside who we think we are … until we don’t   I’ve been following the Lance Armstrong debacle since it began … in 2004. That’s when the sponsor of the Tour de France offered a $5 million dollar bonus to the winner, and immediately demanded that […]

The Aesthetic Frame

There’s a profound possibility in organizing aesthetically … in other words to see the world in terms of pattern and potential beauty. I used a word for it in a response on Facebook earlier today … “SPLENDOR” … to become present to and aware of SPLENDOR. Specifically the beginning point may be as simple as […]