Your Life Story – Coming Full Circle

Your Life Story and Self-Leadership … Uncovering the Path to the Results and Outcomes You Really Want I’ve been at something for the last twenty five years or so that I think is wonderful … a model that’s literally life changing. For twenty of those twenty five years I’ve been engaged in spreading the word […]

How Modern Business Models Developed

It Isn’t Always Obvious How Modern Business Models Limit Entrepreneurship … Or What To Do About It … But There’s A Postmodern Eject Option That Will Set You Free   [This particular post is dedicated to the real and aspiring entrepreneurs out there, especially my brethren who are the creators, compilers and consorts of information […]

Mentoring In The Wild

  Getting Advice From A Great Mentor Isn’t Just Useful … It’s Damn Indispensable If You’re Serious About Discovering What’s Possible On The Path Mentoring is the process of renting your brain to someone else to use for a while as their own… – Alan Weiss, Ph.D. Author of “Million Dollar Consulting” Mentoring 101: One […]