Your Life Story – Coming Full Circle

Your Life Story and Self-Leadership ... Uncovering the Path to the Results and Outcomes You Really Want I've been at something for the last twenty five years or so that I think is wonderful ... a model that's literally life changing. For twenty of those twenty five years I've been engaged in spreading the word formally in terms of my professional pursuits and passions. Yet … [Read more...]

Mentoring, Magical Thinking & Myth

The Danger of Magical Thinking In The Hands Of Would-Be Mentors Cannot Be Overemphasized If Your Serious About Your Success! Every couple of days I drop my my Facebook page to see who's posted what - and today what came up for me is the foolishness of magical thinking, especially when it's presented by someone who's out there mentoring people. Today  I began writing a long … [Read more...]

How Modern Business Models Developed

It Isn't Always Obvious How Modern Business Models Limit Entrepreneurship ... Or What To Do About It ... But There's A Postmodern Eject Option That Will Set You Free   [This particular post is dedicated to the real and aspiring entrepreneurs out there, especially my brethren who are the creators, compilers and consorts of information ... and it's distribution to the … [Read more...]

Mentoring In The Wild

  Getting Advice From A Great Mentor Isn't Just Useful ... It's Damn Indispensable If You're Serious About Discovering What's Possible On The Path Mentoring is the process of renting your brain to someone else to use for a while as their own... - Alan Weiss, Ph.D. Author of "Million Dollar Consulting" Mentoring 101: One of the most significant things that you can do is … [Read more...]