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Personal Development

  Have the Experience of YOUR Life! [Under Construction ... Coming Soon] Do you feel 'STUCK' ... are you 'CONFUSED' or 'LACK MOTIVATION' ... does it seem you're 'UNDER … [Read More...]

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Professional Development

Getting What You Want: [Under Construction ... Coming Soon] Entrepreneurs & Business Owners - Executives -  Professionals -  Career Transitions -      … [Read More...]

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Why Bother …

 (… or, what is liminality, and what’s it got to do with you???) It happens to everyone … the kind of trauma that causes a set-back, or downright stops you in your tracks. The … [Read More...]

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Killing Me Softly …

Altruism's Big Hidden Secret Before I begin going too fast and too far I want to share a little bit of my bias in the interest of full disclosure … More


Why Do I Hate Marketing …

Because Most Marketing SUCKS! FWIW I don't actually hate marketing per se, BUT I do hate what's presented as "marketing" sometimes, especially in the Information Marketing world, … More

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Early Mis-Education … Some Notes

On The Miseducation Of American Children [NOTE: I haven't written on Blognostra for a while, 'cause I've been way busy!!! Lots of stuff happening in too many areas of my life … More

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Getting “Unstuck”

Is It Real Or Is It Memorex?   I’m sure I’m giving away my age, but anyone old enough who was living in the U.S. at the time will likely remember the commercials for … More

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What Tony Robbins Doesn’t Do

  Evoking Creativity and Intuition ”The fundamental technology that Joseph continues to develop is aesthetically organized and transcends the limitations of ordinary … More

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Making Waves …

Will The “Real” Third Wave Please Stand Up The Third Wave In Psychology I recently read that in the world of psychology they are referring to a ”third wave” … i.e.: Positive … More