The Cost of Being an Information Junkie

"Hello I'm Joseph and I'm an Information Junkie ..." It's an interesting thing being addicted to information ... especially as an information producer. Let me back up for a moment, and then I'll get to my point ...   The Life of an Information Junkie ... An information junkie consumes and collects information like an alcoholic consumes and collects alcohol. While the … [Read more...]

Mentoring In The Wild

  Getting Advice From A Great Mentor Isn't Just Useful ... It's Damn Indispensable If You're Serious About Discovering What's Possible On The Path Mentoring is the process of renting your brain to someone else to use for a while as their own... - Alan Weiss, Ph.D. Author of "Million Dollar Consulting" Mentoring 101: One of the most significant things that you can do is … [Read more...]