• Keith Svendsen, V.P. - Maersk Line Operations
    "“With his direct and candid style Dr. Riggio get right to the core of what is essential for you. This combined with his decades of experience and excellent business acumen, makes him the consultant and educator of choice for business professionals who are serious about developing their effectiveness as leaders. When your time is of importance, Dr. Riggio will deliver the agreed outcomes that matters, faster and with elegancy."
    Keith Svendsen, V.P. - Maersk Line Operations
Crisis Intervention

When crisis strikes it’s often unpredictable and comes when it's least expected ... yet this exactly when you need reliable help you can count on:

The most critical thing to do when you're facing a crisis is to figure out what's at the root of the crisis ...

Once you have clarity about the nature of the crisis you're facing you'll want to explore the options that are available to you in preparation for making decisions and taking action

The third and most crucial step when dealing with crisis is to take action decisively and quickly to change direction and open new pathways to moving forward and moving on

Performance Coaching

This is a very performance focused way of working together when you’re ready to take your game to the next level:

We’ll review where you are now with a focus on your future, and we’ll capture the details in a MindMap that we’ll continue using each time we speak

For the first month we’re working together we’ll speak weekly to set a plan in place and to put the plan in motion

We’ll continue to speak at least one a month, or more, as we need to … always with a focus on the next step to be taking and what it takes to make it happen.

We can meet in person too if you are able to come to my office or meet me while I’m on the road in a place more convenient to you

Depth Coaching

When everything is in flux and the world as you knew it to be no longer exists, and you stand on the precipice of change ...

You need to reset who you know yourself to be in relation to the world and others around you

Explore your fundamental beliefs and values and the responses the flow as a result of them

Examine what lies ahead and design a strategy and a plan to begin creating the outcomes you desire