Monthly TRANSFORMATIONAL PERFORMANCE Group Coaching Calls via Internet / Telephone / Skype

    Each month we'll meet on my private webcast channel where we'll begin with the performance topic of the month followed by a one-to-one "Hot Seat" session and an open Q. & A. session; in addition every other month I'll be inviting a "guru" to join us on our monthly calls ... for example ... John La Valle the President of the Society of NLP; Rich Schefren of Strategic Profits Internet Guru to the Gurus; Jamie Smart the International Best Selling Author of "Clarity"

    Annual Live Group Coaching/Mentoring Retreats

    Once a year we'll be getting together for live, in-person Annual 3-day retreat at one of my favorite sites to bring together groups to experience transformational change and performance breakthroughs ... I'll also schedule an additional Sapphire GOLD retreat on the U.S. East or West Coasts, or in Europe ... and if you join at the GOLD or PLATINUM level you'll be welcome to attend this additional retreat too.

    Access To All Of My Live Monthly Webcasts

    In addition to our monthly group coaching calls you'll also have access to my monthly webcast series, e.g.: ”Performance Alchemy” ... these are each about one hour long ... and even if you can’t participate in the live webcasts you'll have access to my private membership site where you'll be able to view the videos, listen to and download the MP3 audio from the program, and download all the program handouts and the unedited transcripts as well.

    Private SAPPHIRE Only Members Platform

    In addition to our time together in the monthly group coaching calls, in the live, in-person retreats, and access to the live monthly webcasts ... you'll also have access to the private SAPPHIRE members-only platform where all of the audio & transcripts from our calls, and video from the live, in-person retreats will become permanently available to you to review again and again at your convenience.

Complimentary Private Exploration Call

A private 30-minute call will reveal to you whether or not this program is a good match and fit for you so you can make a high quality decision for yourself. 

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  • Hilary Samson-Barry<br/>Director of Partnerships for Children, Families & Maternity<br/>UK Department of Health
    In my interactions with Joseph he is relentless in his pursuit of the outcomes that I am seeking in my life – many times this is frustrating for me; at other times it is non-sensical. However, the more I trust him and the ways he works with me the more profound and transformational the changes that I am experiencing.
    Hilary Samson-Barry
    Director of Partnerships for Children, Families & Maternity
    UK Department of Health

Why Join SAPPHIRE Group Coaching

Because you want this year to be outstanding!

I get this may sound simplistic … maybe too simplistic.

Yet, when you think about it, why would you invest your time, money and energy in a year-long coaching experience if the outcome wasn’t to make your life outstanding?

Of course there are deeper reasons too …

Depending on your specific situation you may have one or more specific, compelling reasons for wanting to join the SAPPHIRE Coaching Program this year …

  • Maybe you’re aiming at making an improvement in your business, career, finances or two or more in some combination.
  • Maybe you’re looking to improve a relationship your in or you want to establish a meaningful relationship in your life.
  • Maybe you’re ready to start a new business, professional practice or begin a new career and you want some experienced guidance.
  • Maybe you’re going through a transisition or even a crisis and want or need some help as your navigate your way to the next phase of your life.
  • Maybe you’re interested in developing new skills as you gain mastery in art of communication and human interpersonal dynamics.

Regardless of what you are specifically seeking, SAPPHIRE is designed to deliver on three major fronts in your life:

1. Identifying and establishing your personal path, the unique “success blueprint” that’s yours and yours alone

2. Developing your ability to make high-quality decisions and connect strategy to action in your life - so you can experience real transformational change and massive performance breakthroughs.

3. Build masterful skills as a communicator who navigates the variety of human interactions and relationships … personally and professionally … effortlessly and effectively.

If these three outcomes are a match and fit for you then SAPPHIRE Group Coaching is probably a good match and fit for you too.

The best way to find out more is schedule a private, 1-to-1 Complimentary Consultation to discuss the options available, click on the button in the gold section below to schedule a call today ...

Why SAPPHIRE Group Coaching Works

Because 25+ years of experience, expertise and excellence lead the way …

When you are investing in a coaching and mentoring program there are two things that really count:

1. EXPERIENCE/EXPERTISE - You need to know that the coach/mentor you are working with has the experience and expertise to actually guide you effectively and successfully to the outcomes you want.

2. PROCESS - Too much coaching today is a “Johnny come lately affair” based on intutions and guesswork … and you wouldn’t want to “bet the ranch” on something you can’t count on now would you?

With SAPPHIRE Group Coaching you can put your worries about both of these critical concerns to rest.

#1 … 25+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE: SAPPHIRE Group Coaching is personally led by Dr. Joseph Riggio, renowned master coach and the creator of the MythoSelf Process model. He has over 25 years of experience coaching and mentoring individuals and organizational clients from around the world. You can trust that Joseph knows his stuff and has the chops to get you where you’re going … and thousands of thrilled clients would agree!

#2 … TIME-PROVEN PROCESS YOU CAN COUNT ON: The journey you’ll be taking in your year in the SAPPHIRE Group Coaching program has been fullly mapped and the path you’ll be taking is thoroughly known. We’ll be using the MythoSelf Process model as the basis of our work over the course of our time together this year. Joseph began developing the MythoSelf Process model that he uses in the early 1990s. Since then he’s worked with thousands of clients, trained hundreds of professionals and he’s certified dozens of coaches, consultants, facilitators and trainers worldwide … continuously refining the model along the way. It is literally one of only a handful of well-established, fully researched and clearly organized coaching/mentoring models with a specific and well-defined methodology that exist today.

Schedule a private, 1-to-1 Complimentary Consultation to discuss the options available and to find out more. Use the button in the gold section below to schedule a call today ...

The MythoSelf Process:
Revealing The Critical Path

  • "Where you put your attention is where you’ll get your results." - Joseph Riggio

    There are five critical steps in the model that we’ll be covering and revisiting together as we move through the year:

    1. Establishing A Powerful, Positive Way Of Organizing Yourself To Take Action Based on What Already Works For You … What you’ll learn we call your “READY STATE”

    2. Amplifying And Expanding Your Ability To Access Your READY STATE Anytime, Anywhere, With Anyone … Or On Your Own … NO MATTER WHAT! (This is the essence of having a ACTION BIAS in your life … i.e.: the ability to respond and act instanteously in a potent and effectual way to anything and everything that comes up in your life)

    3. Integrating Your READY STATE With The Day-to-Day Behaviors That Produced Outstanding Results In Your Life … Connecting what we call “FORM” and “FUNCTION” is the essence of being able to effectively respond and act to create the results you want on your own and with others

    4. Identifying The “Mythic Form” That Drives Your Responses And Behaviors Unconsciously That’s Out Of Your Awareness But Is The Basis For Virtually Everything You Believe And Do … This is your essential life story, the autobiographical narrative that organizes what you belive to be true, the values you hold, the actions you take (and don’t take) that lead to the results you create and the quality of life you lead

    5. Limiting What Limits You … Unfortunately this is where many programs try to begin, interrupting the natural flow of your life … but it’s not possible to get the results you want by changing what isn’t working until you’ve established what does work … “Nature Abhors A Vacuum” … and you need to know where to direct your attention and what action to take before you try to replace the limiting behaviors you now use that seem most familiar and comfortable to you today

    While there’s much more to SAPPHIRE Group Coaching than just these five essential steps … like all the individual and personal attention and support you’ll receive … getting a feel for the way we’ll be structuring our time together will give you a start to thinking about why this program might be a good match and fit for you.

Complimentary Exploration Call

A private 30-minute call will reveal to you whether or not this program is a good match and fit for you so you can make a high quality decision for yourself. 

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