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Let me lay it out right up front … most successful people are faking it a vast majority of the time.

■ You’re faking it when you pretend to be something you’re not … like an extrovert or a people pleaser, or you’re trying to shoehorn yourself into any role that isn’t who you are naturally.

■ It’s also faking it when you build a persona around a role, and the identity you think it demands you wear like a costume … whether that’s for your clients, your employees, your investors, the board or even your spouse or your children.

■ And, you’re faking it when you think you have to endure and carry on doing things that just aren’t a fit and match for you … regardless of whether these things once were something that interested you, or they were never something you should have really been doing in the first place.

I’ll help you take off the mask you wear, and to drop it permanently … in favor of simply being at your best by just being yourself.