Why Bother …

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 (… or, what is liminality, and what’s it got to do with you???) It happens to everyone … the kind of trauma that causes a set-back, or downright stops you in your tracks. The trauma doesn’t have to be big, although it might be, but even a small trauma can: slow you down … cause you to question yourself … break your confidence … lead you into a state of depression … or … … [Read more...]

Is The Future Of The Universe Uncertain?

CAUTION: Please don't read my musings on the nature of the Universe, Reality and How To Live Your Life Well ... unless you already know me or it's just gonna piss you off ...   I've been exploring the concept of teleology for years. That the future "pulls" the present towards it forms the basis of teleological consideration. Or maybe it would be better put to say that the … [Read more...]

Mentoring, Magical Thinking & Myth

The Danger of Magical Thinking In The Hands Of Would-Be Mentors Cannot Be Overemphasized If Your Serious About Your Success! Every couple of days I drop my my Facebook page to see who's posted what - and today what came up for me is the foolishness of magical thinking, especially when it's presented by someone who's out there mentoring people. Today  I began writing a long … [Read more...]

Applied Mythology 101: Reflections On Heroes, Mentors and Stories

Applied Mythology, ala Dr. Joseph Riggio and the MythoSelf Process, Is NOT About The Telling Of Old Stories ... Applied Mythology IS ABOUT How To Incorporate The Structure Of Mythic Form Into Your Life To Make It More Whole and Wellformed ... i.e.: More Blissful   Heroes and Mentors I have a couple or "Intellectual Heroes and Mentors" folks whose intellectual/academic work … [Read more...]