Life Is Not Meant To Be A Struggle …


How great would it be if you could leap beyond the things that limiit you in a single bound … like SuperMan or WonderWoman … just by engaging in a powerful dialogue designed to do just that?


Imagine this …


You are perfectly aligned internally and externally so that everything becomes effortless for you … like this manifesting your creativity becomes your natural way of operating … and you perform at the peak of your potential without striving.


What you might be doing with your life and in your life if it were like this for you every day?


But right now it just doesn’t feel like that … things AREN’T COMING TOGETHER EFFORTLESSLY FOR YOU … and some days it may even feel like everything is a struggle.

What you need is a way beyond all that, a way to go beyond the striving to make things happen, to begin operating in a way where the things you most want and need to happen for you just do.


Maybe This Is You … Or At Least Familiar To You

You’ve read all the books …

  • “The Insider’s Guid To Self Help”
  • “Seven Steps To Success” 
  • “The Secret To This, That And The Other Thing”
  • “Financial Independence In Four Hours Or Less”
  • “I Can Make You Thin, Young, Rich & Happy”

… whatever.


You’ve attended enough classes, workshops, seminars and training programs to earn at least two Ph.D.s …

  • “Fire Walking To Power”
  • “Getting Over Your Stuff”
  • “Being A Success On Your Own Terms”
  • “Coming To Terms With Terminal Failure”

… once again … whatever.


You hired personal development coaches and business consultants … you’ve worked with trainers and therapists out the gazoo … you’ve done the rounds with NLP, hypnosis, EFT, TFT, EMTwhatever, whatever, whatever.


You even spent weeks, months or years doing Yoga, Zen, Tai Chi, Orgonic Dynamic Prana Breathing Meditation … and the bits and pieces of your life aren’t lined up the way you hoped they would be by now … and you’re still not yet getting the results you want, with the  satisfaction you desire … and you’re about at your wits end with it all.


A Bit Of My Own Story

Let me share something deeply personal with you … I get it because I’ve been there too. Back when I was in my late twenties I thought I had it all, but I couldn’t shake the sense that something vital and even urgent was missing.

I was successful, doing work that I liked, was good at and earning a great income. I was married with a two year old son who I absolutely adored, and a loving wife who was a great mother to our son as well. I was healthy, I had a nice home where we lived in a great community … BUT something profound was missing. Instead of being deeply happy about all this, I was deeply unsatisfied with my life and myself. Nothing major enough to call depression or even melancholy … more like a funk that just lingered.

I simply didn’t knowhow to organize myself to feel great about what I was doing or how to change things.

So I began searching. I did everything … the lists I wrote about things you might have tried so far could have been my own.

I sometimes felt like “this is it” that the thing I had found would be the one that would make all the difference. At other times I felt like I’d never get it. What was consistent was that nothing really seemed to make the difference I was hoping for, and I never gave up.

One day, I stumbled into meeting a man who would change my life, Roye Fraser. For the next seven years I apprenticed with him studying and learning NLP, hypnosis and his own brand of amazing transformational work, the Generative Imprint model.

It was truly an epic journey of heroic proportions, a personal “Odyessy” all my own. Along the way there were ups and downs of course, but I always had a sense of moving towards the horizon … I knew where I was aiming, and I knew I’d achieve the outcomes I’d set for myself. More than anything else I knew this was a path with heart for me and I made the commitment to stay the course.

What I found out that was the most profound thing of all was that transformation can and does happen in an instant when someone is ready for it, and when someone is skillful enough all it takes is the right word spoken in the right way at the right time.


Why I Designed My Performance Design Workshop

Performance Design workshop are for folks like you, who know there’s something more that you want and need in life, even if you’re not sure exactly what that is yet.

By engaging in simple, straightforward … and sometimes not so straightforward (remember I’m a master hypnotist) … dialogue I want to help you get unstuck – no matter where you are right now – and make leaps forward in your life. The most amazing thing about my Performance Design workshops are how simple it will all seem after the fact, when you’re living life completely on your own terms.

Here’s what you can expect when you join me and a small, intimate group for a Performance Design workshop:

  • Attain great clarity about where you are in the moment, what’s limiting you, what you need to be doing next and how to take the essential first steps to begin.
  • Learn how you are when you are unstoppable, a force of nature so to speak … and how to make decisions and take powerful action from this way of being
  • Connect or reconnect with your deep intution, a way of knowing absolutely what is most true for you and the way forward to live you life on your own terms without compromise.
  • Uncover or discover the myth you’ve been living and the story of your life … i.e.: your Life Story that is uniquely your own … then make that the basis for everything else.


What’s A Performance Design Workshop Like?

Maybe what I’m about to tell you about the Performance Design workshop will seem like conflicting ideas to you, but I want to share a little bit about what it will be like …

I’m fairly certain there will be moments where what we’re doing together will be challenging for you because I ask and even insist that you confront what limits you, or because you don’t understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it … there will almost surely be other moments where you’re intrigued, interested and excited by what’s going on … moments in which it seems to all come together for you and it makes perfect sense.

In the course of our dialogue I can assure you that you will experience a change, you’ll begin to see yourself in a new light … and a pathway to move forward based on what is possible will open for you so you can begin taking the next steps for yourself.

The way we’ll work together in the Performance Design workshop may be the most human experience you have ever had or ever will have. The entire process I’ve built is designed to be purely conversational. Literally, just by engaging dialogue with me and the others who participate in the group you will find yourself opening up to new possibilities and outcomes in your life. You’ll feel old limiting beliefs and baggage drop away as you begin to feel new energy and motivation becoming available to you.

While you are unlikely to be able to explain exactly what happened, or how it happened, as a result of participating in the Performance Design workshop … what you, and others around you, will begin to notice is that something has inexplicably changed for you …

  • You’ll begin producing results that had eluded you, maybe for years …
  • You’ll start and complete projects that are filled with meaning for you and bring you a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction …
  • Your relationships wil change too in subtle ways that you’ll nonetheless recognize as significant.
  • Maybe most of all you’ll become aware of accessing your intuition in ways that you may have never had access to before … and you’ll trust what comes up as being right on target for you.


Who Benefits The Most From Participating In Performance Design Workshops:

  • Someone driven to move beyond the status quo and wants to manifest meaningful outcomes on their own and with others
  • People who are in a process of questioning where they are in their life and what’s next for them on their life’s journey
  • Anyone who has a sense that there’s something important or special to be doing, but has had some trouble figuring out and defining exactly what that is for them
  • Executive, entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who are feeling a bit burnt out and looking to renew their motivation and become inspired again
  • Folks who are willing to be challenged and to challenge themselves to leave behind what  isn’t working and explore a personal path, that doesn’t depend on a step-by-step process


How To Make It Happen

There are three packages and ways to join a Performance Design workshop …

  • SILVER – Day One of Performance Design with a month of POWER | CREATIVITY | INFLUENCE telementoring included, this is enough to kick-start anyone into gear.
  • GOLD – Day One and Day Two of the Performance Design Workshop, where you’ll establish your direction on Day One and build a strategy for it on Day Two, plus you’ll also get access to a full month of POWER | CREATIVITY | INFLUENCE too
  • PLATINUM – Day One and Two of the Performance Design Workshop, a full month of UA Ruby telementoring including POWER | CREATIVITY | INFLUENCE and $1MM Business Building telementoring and two months of 1-to-1 Individual Tailored Mentoring


Get All The Specific Details About Performance Design HERE …


I Know Enough Already …
Take Me Right To The Enrollment Application!

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  1. Thomas says

    Looks great Joseph. I think I can add one to your original search parameters, gee I nearly went broke in the process of searching, lol.

  2. says

    You’ve iterated and reiterated the pain, the desire, the story, and the amazing solution to the transformational emergence. There are testimonials that demonstrate the social proof of your ability to deliver the goods.

    I particularly like the line, “all it takes is the right word, spoken at the right time, in the right way. It speaks to an element of magic that all your experience and dedication has fostered in you as an agent of transformation.
    Because I am so close to this work, IMO it is hard for me to see the piece through fresh
    eyes. I wonder how someone who has as you said, tried a laundry list of other things to see your work as the real thing that will make a lasting difference, from this piece.
    I know it has made real personal change for me, and yet I don’t struggle with things I used to struggle with, I am still engaged in challenges every day,

    just through a different lens.

    How does this translate for someone who doesn’t get that attention to this or that is a conscious choice?
    How do you get that person to open their mind to possibility enough to get them in the room with you, and how do you then get them to believe the magic can be permanent?

    t lens. I know how to make the adjustments to incoming confusion, how to set my intention and know when I am off the path how to get

    back on target. And more, but how does that

    translate for a reader who believes conscious awareness happens and is not chosen.

    fostered in you as a transformation agent.
    I particularly like the line

  3. says

    Overall, this reads pretty well.
    It is really interesting and certainly captures my attention. I thought the two best parts were the personal story and the bullet list of what you can expect. In fact reading the list of what you can expect actually inspired me to add to my list of objectives for the year. This piece is certainly intriguing enough to me to get me to click through to the specific details.
    For me personally, the biggest weakness was that there was no mechanism of how it works. Perhaps it is the technical training but I am not inspired to do much without understanding something about how it is done, for that reason the detailed information is much more compelling for me. (hmm I might have just caught myself in a lie before I went to my first Perfomance Design, I am not sure I had any clue why it should work)

    I have attended Performance Design three times and I feel like this piece gives an idea of what the experience is like though I don’t feel like it directly describes my experience. The line that rang most true for me was “While you are unlikely to be able to explain exactly what happened, or how it happened” At least for me the results I have gotten from Performance Design have been different every time. After my first time through I found my exhibiting more resiliency and resourcefulness. Not to long after the second time through it just felt like things were breaking my way, it wasn’t like win the lottery luck, but it felt like I was in the right place at the right time. It wasn’t until after my third time through that I had the sense that things were simply getting easier.

  4. Mike says

    Hmm. Most parts of this ring absolutely true for me; a few not so much.

    This: “things AREN’T COMING TOGETHER EFFORTLESSLY FOR YOU … and some days it may even feel like everything is a struggle” and “you’re still not yet getting the results you want” are not quite how it was for me. But where you switch to first person above, and tell your own story, it matches my own experience very closely.

    I have not attended the Performance Design workshop, because it didn’t exist in 1999 when I first worked with you, Joseph. At that time, things were not a struggle for me. I was getting the results: degrees from Oxford and from Cambridge, successful career at IBM, lovely wife, three happy healthy children, beautiful house etc. But as you said above “something profound was missing. Instead of being deeply happy about all this, I was deeply unsatisfied with my life and myself”.

    Yeah, I had in my spare time tried psychology, meditation, Buddhism, NLP … good things, all of them. I had read the self help books.

    But it was like living life with my eyes closed, being blind to everything.

    I would only add, to what you wrote above, that you cannot hand it all to people on a plate.
    They have to be willing to open their eyes. They can open them instantly, as some do, or more gradually, as I did, but they have to be willing to do it.
    For me, it’s not about “producing results” and “completing projects”, I did plenty of that before. It’s about being certain why and at whose bidding I do it.

  5. Lauren says


    Over breakfast my husband commented that many of his friends seem to be in an endless cycle of drama. And I got to thinking its been a long time since I was in the middle of or was generating drama; there are just more interesting things to be doing than struggling.
    Effortless allows for creativity … like breathing…
    I think the description captures many aspects of your program: your potentially confrontational style, your humor, that its often in an endless moment that massively profound shifts occurs.
    I have definitely been unable to articulate “what happened” afterwards.
    I like that it points to that you work with where people are at.
    Dissolving limitations & illuminating satisfaction would be enough and now I find that the (ad) vantage point you provide lets me clarify & reconsider specific situations to be the most tremendous opportunity. The ripple effects into all areas is profound.

  6. says

    Joseph, I remember a discussion you had with Vivian about success. That in trying to articulate her experience of what you do she was using that word.

    In the distinctions that you are drawing this year in Power, Creativity and Influence and Million Dollar Business Building where you are emphasizing the profound benefit of the Yin approach, I hear you talking about the internal foundation of success.

    I often have clients come to me that are successful externally. They have a functional skill-set to use your language. But to use Joseph Campbell’s phrase they have placed the ladder of success against the wrong wall, climbed to the top and found a profound LACK of satisfaction. They realise that while materially they have got stuff, they have someone missed ‘it’ that vital something that makes everything else worthwhile. They have got the outside sorted but are hollow on the inside.

    Agreeing with Vivian I think that what you are offering are the REAL SECRETS of SUCCESS. The real ‘inner game’, a phrase that has been bastardised by the pick up artists, what W. Timothy Gallwey in the 1970’s originally described as:

    “It is impossible to achieve mastery or satisfaction in any endeavour without first developing some degree of mastery of the relatively neglected skills of the inner game. Most of us have experienced days when our self-interference was at a minimum. Whether on a sports field, at work, or in some creative effort, we have all had moments in which our actions flowed from us with a kind of effortless excellence. Athletes have called this state, “playing in the zone.” Generally at these times our mind is quiet and focused. But whatever it’s called, when we’re there, we excel, we learn, and we enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately most of us have also experienced times when everything we do seems difficult. With minds filled with self-criticism, hesitation, and over-analysis, our actions were awkward, mistimed, and ineffective. Obviously we all would prefer to have more of the first and less of the second.”

    Again this is what you are speaking to in your Private Access teleseminars this year.

    About the film: The Big Lebowski. I don’t get it yet Dude… I do get being with more intentionality, as Castaneda says:

    “All of us, whether or not we are warriors, have a cubic centimeter of chance that pops out in front of our eyes from time to time. The difference between an average man and a warrior is that the warrior is aware of this, and one of his tasks is to be alert, deliberately waiting, so that when his cubic centimeter pops out he has the necessary speed, the prowess to pick it up. Chance, good luck, personal power, or whatever you may call it, is a peculiar state of affairs. It is like a very small stick that comes out in front of us and invites us to pluck it. Usually we are too busy, or too preoccupied, or just too stupid and lazy to realize that that is our cubic centimeter of luck. A warrior, on the other hand, is always alert and tight and has the spring, the gumption necessary to grab it.”

    To me this speaks to a Yin distinction of power that you are speaking to. Actually Joe Polish has a nice phrase that the easy way is the hard way and the hard way is the easy way.

    Perhaps I want the headline to read: “If you are hollow man you are seriously fucked!!! In business, in relationships, in everything in life.”

    Maybe I’m getting this Dude thing after all…. ☺

    • says

      Michael … you aren’t getting “The Dude” because you ARE the Dude!

      The Dude never gets himself man!

      Dudeism is a way of life that says something like, “Hey, the Universe is happening. It’s been happening for a long time before us … and it’s kinda likely that it will continue a long-time after us … ’cause we can’t do with it, but it surely can do without us.”

      When you get that you can just kind of “chill” …

      NOTE: If you say the word “chill” properly you will find it opens the same cosmic pathways as “OM” does … begin with a strongly aspirated “CH” sound with a strong and abrupt stop after the initial voicing … then follow that with a very soft, short “i” that slides into a double, elongated “ll” i.e.: “lllllllllllllllllllll ….” using a kind of grammatical lenition, fully aspirating the final “l” with the tongue place firmly against and behind the upper front teeth, with the lips slightly parted (and it is recommended that by the end of the execution of this phrasing you allow you eyes to close and remain closed) … e.g.: CH-i-lllllllllllllllll … holding the space between breaths for a moment before intaking the next breath and repeating.

      Do this as many times as necessary to attain the appropriate quie-attitude of mind. FWIW this is a very Dude thing to practice.

      [Recommended Dosage: Up to 3x daily, and as often needed to deal with Big Ls, Walters, Donnies, Shamuses, Maudes, Treehorns and Nihilists. NOTE: Do not excede the dosage beyond a point where the amount of time spent indoors would prevent catching enough natural rays for sufficient vitamin D production.]

      So using this technique, or any other of your personal preference, you will begin to notice yourself getting over yourself. It is hard to take yourself too seriously when you think about the magnitude of space and time in cosmic terms, and the puny insignificance of any single human life in comparison. This is what is known by some Ordained Dudeist Priests as “The Great Liberation” (okay – I just made that up, but it’s really, really good man!).

      The Great Liberation is the freedom that comes with not taking yourself too seriously, while simultaneously getting that your time is extremely limited, and your influence way more limited than you might like to believe it to be … ask any of the Pharaohs, Cesars, Emperors, Kings, Queens, Presidents or Rock Stars of your choosing. This relieves you of trying to solve or cure the world’s ills and allows you to firmly place your attention on the stuff that counts … i.e.: what’s happening right here, right now … and who you care about and love.

      Using the power of The Great Liberation you begin to have what I like to call, “the experience of YOUR life” … and can begin pursuing your fascination leading to bliss. Done really well this becomes your Life’s Story and if told frequently and with enough consistency can eventually become legend and finally move into the ranks of full blown myth.

      This is the essence of Dudeism 101 as I see it … and the Holy Work, TBL, portrays The Dude living in deep accordance with it principals and practices. FWIW I hope this helps you next time you find yourself shaving and realize that someone is watching you.

  7. says

    Hi Joe

    I love it, especially the message going through the whole piece; the unhidden call to action building momentum from start to the ending.

    The only thing not appealing to me was the:
    You’ve read all the books, been to all the seminars etc….
    sections, but then again that part is aimed to different (or right) audience, as I see it.
    For a person in the situation described it will make a quick summary of resultless efforts, and build up steam to take action….

    There is so much to learn from you and only 24 hours in a day :O)

  8. says

    Thanks all for your comments … enlightening for me really. The different points of view, as well as the common threads are useful for me to read. I hope to see more ideas here and will be watching this space with bated breath …

  9. says

    I love all the workshop titles.
    You know I attended pretty much all of them. I know enough folks in my life that still do the whole self improvement/mediation/yogi/gotta-get-enlightened stuff and yet continue to walk around miserable and pissed off with a placid smile on their face most of the time- waiting for the next thing to hopefully “change” them.
    I like the way you’ve broken down the questions and answers- easy to grasp and makes it simple for those who will self select as to whether or not they’re “in” as in they want to delve into reconnecting with who they are in a stable and ongoing way- or “out” as in they want to stay with what they’ve been trying and continue to hope for a different result.
    I love your story here- it makes it simple to connect to you, not as some “out of the box” insta-guru wannabe, but a very real human being taking a real journey to becoming himself and helping many people create the massive shifts they’ve always really wanted for themselves.

  10. Ham says

    Hi Joe, thanks for asking. You should probably know up front that I’m listening to “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” on infinite loop at the moment so that may well bias my behaviours.

    Yes it’s interesting to me. I like your writing a lot and it was your words on the Mytholist that I pored over nine years ago before I decided to come see you in person. What resonated with me then and what compelled me to come are the “technical articles” you put out, the examinations of life from a philosophical perspective (I can explain what I mean by these terms if you want…) and how the Mythoself process aims to address some of those. If I had read this new ad as a n00b I don’t think I would have been particularly swayed to attend, because there are a lot of trainers especially in the NLP tinged world putting out similarly outrageous claims. I can find a dozen examples of marketing letters that claim to give clients the same. I know them to be merely better ways of living in The Matrix. It was when I examined the mytholist archives – and your posts on other groups – that I suspected you were doing something very different and also that you…ya know… thought about this stuff. :) Dude, a lot of trainers are merely recycling some pretty crummy 30 year old beliefs about transformational grammar and not much else. I’m just not interested.

    I came to you originally for more of the same life I had enjoyed until then. To solidify and sustain a way of being that I had lived in. I got that. A thousandfold I got that. I believed the universe to be a compassionate place and your faciliation allows me an entry point to that and a new pair of eyes from which everything is possibility.

    I’m going to take a Schwimmerian attitude on this one (enjoy that term Mark) and posit that I am now too close to this work also. This blog post speaks about a truth that is presented very simply and I’m already a convert. Working with you in person has shown me that you absolutely have outrageous proof to backup what you write.

    I have noticed that inhibitory words or premises give me a weird feeling in my body nowadays. The parts of this post where you talk about things that aren’t coming together… I noticed that I physically moved back from my computer screen when I read the and wanted to gloss over to the excitatory bits. Similarly so with the “A Bit of My Own Story” section. I’ll qualify that by adding that you once wrote in an advert for one of your programs in which you mentioned how you had suddenly become a single dad to Jason and you weren’t living the life you wanted. That very personal exposure of your self (I knew nothing of this chapter in your life until then; I thought you has just always had your life together) truly struck a chord in me. It demonstrated to me a vulnerability that I had not witnessed in your writing for a while. I noticed it absolutely in person where you talk about Roye. In this letter, the part of your story where you talked about Roye… gosh, all these years on and I still bloom inside when I read them. That reverence and respect you have for the man is beautiful to me.

    Comparing this letter to say, a Riggio Rant is interesting. I love your comedic arrogance and swagger that you put in those, they’re hilarious. I’m a huge Matt Furey fan and he does the same too. Provocation, great stuff. And I know you to be fundamentally a good and decent guy and that side of you is more present here. I almost pity the person who reads this and comes to a Performance Design workshop. “But Joe seemed like such a nice man in his advert” 😉

    Now, the “Why I Designed My Performance Design Workshop” section – great, this really speaks to me. It’s all about what I *will* get; excitatory and very appealing. Similarly so with the “What’s A Performance Design Workshop Like” section.

    The “Who Benefits The Most From Participating In Performance Design Workshops” section – agh, inhibitory nonsense Sir!

    Next question you asked… is it motivating and/or inspiring? Not so much; I felt much more motivated when I read the program page ( From *that* ad, I made up my mind that I want to attend one of these workshops a while back. My background in neuroscience is tickled at the talk of the silent brain and implicit learning. I’m reminded of what Richard was claiming for NHR, which led me to attend his course in Edinburgh just prior to meeting you. This new advert has not added to that motivation. I am hugely curious to attend because I want to see this style of training you espouse which is done conversationally. That totally appeals to me aesthetically both as trainee and trainer. There’s a moment in the Influence! UK videos in which Piers teasingly says of your converational setup “Don’t fall for any of this! He’s already started!” and I loved that. When I attended Mytho2 I remember you drawing the group’s attention to step 1 – conversationalise. The individual gives it all away in that moment if I’m paying attention.

    In terms of what I’d like you to add: if you combined the two adverts, old and new into a gestalt, I’d love it. That sense of technical data coupled with the emotional pull of this new one would resonate with me tremendously I’m sure. I get a sense of your integrity in my self. That you are willing to say “Look, here’s all this technical wonder I do *and* here’s my story.” That style of sales letter still appeals; it’s a design classic for a reason. All these years on, when you just “tell a story” … about food and friends and family… they’re the moment I love the best.

    Ok, I’m rambling. Nothing new there, and I’m going to leave this post largely unedited. I am aware that these comments tell you lots about us… and that’s cool.

    I ain’t jokin’ Joseph, I gotta ramble. :)

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